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Illegal Immigration explained in 2 min:

Let see now:

5 million new illegals going to need transportation.

Let's say that means 2.5 million cars @ $10,000 each

That is $ 25 Billion added to the economy

Let say 2.5 million new workers getting paid at average of @ $15,000/year - All of which they will spend.

That is $37 Billion added to the economy.

Of that 2.5 million new workers, the businesses that hire them will profit off their labor by about another $37 billion and the 401's will increase.

Sounds like a pretty good profit making scheme to import masses of people so as to keep the financial house of cards that is America afloat.

And just think - The above is for only those who were imported under this administration. A true estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the country is about 20-30 million - 4-6 times this inflow. 4 x (25=37) = $248 billion/year.

Consider that FAIR estimates the cost of Illegal Immigration at $150 billion/year, this leaves a profit for America of 248-150 = $98 billion/year at the low end, to $222 billion/year at the high end.

Sure we have the destruction of the nation, but still, a pretty good return on investment, eh?

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