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In addition to Abbott' s border invasion declarations, a good next step might be to set up pop-up checkpoints( complete with drug dogs, and transport wagons and mobile jail wagons), along Texas roads. No - JB - Texas is not checking for illegal entrants - Texas is looking for drunk drivers, drugs, smuggling, driver's license, insurance cards, stolen vehicles. Border Patrol could do this too.

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And the hits just keep on coming .... just think of all the cheaper framing crews and workers we will have as more and more enter the country.

paraphrasing -- JB - What's good for the illegal alien is good for America!

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Similar to BP mobile checkpoints 🤔 I like it! There was a temporary checkpoint set up on a high smuggling traffic road in Kinney Co not too long ago. It was very effective for diverting bailouts near populated areas for the brief time it was set up.

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