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I did a double take when I read :

"Another factor, according to Ben Bergquam, Customs and Border Protection is busing illegal aliens to ports of entry to process them under the new (and still unlawful) guidelines ordered by Mayorkas, as the numbers are then not showing up under the traditional “apprehension” statistics."

Are they encountering them in the field between POE's, and then bussing them, or are they providing busses in Mexico to route them to a POE? Surely it much be the former, although with our out of control Federal apparatus that has been hijacked by the globalists one world government types, one can't be sure.

At any rate, this amounts to a cover-up of sorts, as people apprehended or encountered between POE's statistically need to be counted as apprehended (or encountered). $10 bucks says that those who are shipped to a POE are NOT going to be counted as having entered the country illegally. ( It is illegal to enter the US at a place other that a designated POE.)

Thus it is that the government is going to now say that an illegal entrant is not an illegal entrant because we converted them to legal entrants because we bussed them to a POE to make their asylum claim!!!!

I am saddened that the Border Patrol people are participating in all this with nary a public peep or a walking away from it all. On that note, I am tired of the old excuse (song) about "We have families to feed". Sorry Charlie - Did you sign up for a paycheck, or did you sign up to protect the country? If the former, then be honest about it and come clean that you will do whatever your bosses tell you to do, even if it destroys the nation and that your morality ends at your paycheck. You are being used as front desk clerks into Hotel America. If the latter, then WALK AWAY - and be noisy about it. There IS standing for a conscientious objection.

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