By: Sheena Rodriguez | February 27th, 2023 During a House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety…
"It was a matter of time before President Biden's policies, regarding the flood of illegals into our sovereign nation, would negatively affect rural…
The massive influx of unaccompanied minors has placed a huge burden on American taxpayers, who have unknowingly and unwillingly aided criminal…
This week's update of the continued cost of border security in Texas
"At some point in the near future, cases involving vacuous juvenile smugglers will conceivably end in death"
As countless individuals illegally stream into El Paso daily, inhumane conditions escalate.
Issue 2: March 3, 2023
Week of March 13th - "Legislators Need to Get the Job Done"
How many Texas metroplex areas are tied to a Rural West TX town; and not in a good way...
Week of March 20th | Issue 4
An evening with an NGO leaves more questions than answers Watch now (10 min) |
Government-Sponsored, Tax-Payer Funded Child Trafficking in Texas - The Interview & Call to ACTIONWatch now (114 min) | Government-Sponsored, Tax-Payer Funded Child Trafficking in Texas, and what action YOU can take